How do you know? N900


I have a N900 as my main router and just bought a second one for an Access Point and 7 ethernet ports.  I found the 5 Ghz range to be very short.  Using 1.05.12 firmware on both.

I have scoured the docs and they leave a lot to be discovered…

I need you knowledge techs to help a consumer out.


–My computer that accesses the 5Ghz A+N wireless reports a 300mbps connection at 99% signal strength.  How do I configure the router to provide 450 or 900Mbps Wifi?  Or How do I know if the router is broadcasting 450Mbps carrier?

–I have my N900 configured as an Access Point uplinked to my main N900.  How do I know if it’s connected at 10, 100 or 1000 mbps?  My computer tells me I’m connected to these ports at 1000mbps, but the router has only one link color (green) and I can’t see port status from in the router.

Your help is appreciated to dial in this rig for best performance.


I think the best bet is to download and use a program called inSSIDer.  It will graphically display the channel width and max rate for everything it sees.  Will also help you in choosing the best channels for your environment.


I have been using InSSIder since my signal strength seems so low.

I have 2 N900s with shared SSIDs and still get 35% signal strength when I’m no more than 30 feet away from both of them…

InSSIder does label max speed as 450Mbps for my channels, but there is no way to tell what actual operating speed is, so I am relying on windows wireless connection manager which never gets above 300.

The question remains, how do I tell what speed the ethernets are operating at?