How do you increase photo flip speed?

Why is their such a long delay in switching from photo to photo? It takes about 1.5 seconds to switch from photo to photo when viewing photos. I thought it was because of the photo size as they are from a 10mp camera. So I resized them from 3872 x 2592 to about 1920 x 1285 and it didn’t appear to help at all. This is one of the biggest complaints my dad has with his hub. I had turned off transitions. Is their a way to get photos to switch almost instantly or a lot faster then this?

You can change pictures manually.

Not sure about changing slideshow speed. I can’t check my box right now, but maybe the Fast Forward or Rewind buttons will affect Auto speed. You can also check the Settings for Pictures.

If you can’t change the Slideshow speed yet it will most likely be in a future update but I suspect the options there as it seems a common thing people would want.

You can change the Slideshow speed in the setup menus.   But the MINIMUM time between pictures is 3 seconds.