How Do You Display Subtitle Language?

When I use .srt subtitle files, by changing the “.srt” extension to “”, the WD Live Hub will display “English” as the subtitle language when an mp4 (or m4v) video starts.

However, when I try this with “.sub” extension subtitle files, it does not work, even though the subtitles display correctly in the video.

How do you show the subtitle file language on the WD Live Hub with “.sub” (and other type) subtitle files?

You should also have an *.idx file as well the *.sub  (the *.idx contains the subtitle timing/settings/language etc)


John Carter.mkv

John Carter.sub

John Carter.idx

Now, i don’t have any multi-language subtitled movies to test … but looking inside the John Carter.idx (use Notepad) you can see the language setting…

# VobSub index file, v7 (do not modify this line!)
size: 1920x1080
org: 0, 0
scale: 100%, 100%
alpha: 100%
smooth: OFF
fadein/out: 0, 0
align: OFF at LEFT TOP
time offset: 0
forced subs: OFF
palette: 000000, f0f0f0, cccccc, 999999, 3333fa, 1111bb, fa3333, bb1111, 33fa33, 11bb11, fafa33, bbbb11, fa33fa, bb11bb, 33fafa, 11bbbb
custom colors: OFF, tridx: 1000, colors: 000000, 444444, 888888, cccccc
id: en, index: 0

timestamp: 00:04:17:883, filepos: 000000000
timestamp: 00:10:23:164, filepos: 000001800
timestamp: 00:23:58:437, filepos: 000003000
timestamp: 00:24:05:361, filepos: 000004000
timestamp: 00:24:06:695, filepos: 000005800
timestamp: 00:24:12:493, filepos: 000006800
timestamp: 00:24:14:662, filepos: 000008000
timestamp: 00:24:16:997, filepos: 00000a000
timestamp: 00:24:33:180, filepos: 00000b000

Thanks, Joey!

I downloaded the subtitle (.sub) files from

and they don’t come with an “.idx” file.

I am encoding my “The Sopranos” DVD collection.

Unlike the other seasons, seasons 2 and 3 have no subtitles included in the DVD streams.

If there is no solution to this, I could download the “.srt” subtitle version files

and append “.language name” before the .srt filename extensions.

Please let me know if there is any other solution.

Thanks, Rich!

My PC had problems using Subtitle Workshop.

Since then, I’ve been using - Subtitle Edit 3.34

It will convert subtitles to MANY formats (like .srt) very easily!

Also, it’s a portable app that does NOT require installation!

I’m also using SubRip to rip subtitles directly from DVDs.

Just must do spell check after rip to fix a few minor misspells.