How do you design a box and fail at what you do so badly?

I am a recent purchaser of this box thinking it would have been a great investment to do what I wanted on my TV. After only 40 or so days owning this thing I can say I am more frustrated then impressed.

The last firmware rendered my box almost unusable as it froze up when trying to do or play anything. I had to roll back to a earlier version (previous to 1.07) to get my box working again.

Now the issues I have are Netflix refuses to keep the **bleep** user name and password, hulu can’t search and play anything without freezing…

Really makes trying to operate and watch videos on this box a frustrating evening rather then an enjoyable one.

You **bleep** at what you do.

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this is must definitely not an issue everybody is having…

bear in mind this is an user forum an the way you are expressing your concern does not facilitate the help from other users