How do you change the order of your movies?

Ok…so I finally have figured out the theme I like, thanks Joey!! Love the Aeonish theme.
So the only thing that bugs me is that I can’t figure out how to control the order the movies are shown in the theme. They are currently in alpha order but all my movies that have multiple sequels are not shown in correct order. Is there a way to control the order they are shown. So far I’ve found I can sequence them from A-Z, Z-A, and by date.

I’m not sure that this is the best way to accomplish what you hope to do, but I rename sequels to include I, 2, 3, 4, etc.  For example, The Exorcist, The Exorcist 2, The Exorcist 3.  I rename the files after I have downloaded the metadata for each file.

I hope this helps or that someone has a better way to do it.

Good luck.

I rename them as well…I’ll give an example of my issue.
I have the entire Die Hard series.
My theme shows movies in alpha order from left to right.
So when I come to the die hard movies it’s shows Die Hard 2, Die Hard 3 then Die Hard in that order.
Then I won’t run across the 4th Die Hard till I reach the L’s because the last movie of the series is Live free or Die Hard. So that series is not even grouped together. It happens alot with all my series. Like the Fast and Furious series. There located speradic on my list. Is there a way input some other line of information that I can sort on the player? I can sort my list in different ways when I’m looking in my movie folder when my player is connected to my computer through the network.
I can currently sort alpha and date downloaded. There are other options that I can sort by but have no clue on how to input information. Any help would be appreciated

If you use the Media Library, you’ll need to edit the tag information in the associated XML file.

I recommend using the Microsoft XML Notepad (it’s free on Microsoft’s website).

After editing the XML, you’ll need to clear the media library so that it’s rebuilt with the changes you made.