How do you attach Photos to movies?


I’ve just got a Multimedia 0620 and I’m transfering my movies from my old my book 1110 to it. But I am having problems getting my jpeg files to appear as a thumbnails on the folders. It worked fine on the last wd live player but this new all in one system does not seem to work the same. Any Ideas on how to sort this would be appreciated.


No it should be fine, if anything you get away with bigger Jpg files for folders on this.

In fact when I swapped from my old WDTV Gen 1 to this, all my folder jpgs showed up after the hard drives were scanned.

The only thing this does as with the other WDTV is not show new folder jpg files once you change them, you have to either switch Media Library to off then on again, to allow a rescan - or power off with the remote power button for more than 3 seconds, then power on and it does a full restart and scan everything again.

Is it all folders, or just some ?