How do you access more than one NAS

I have two WD My Book Live NAS boxes, 1 contains movies and the other contains TV shows and music. I can not find a way to get my TV Live to see both boxes as available windows shares. The My Book Lives are set up the same (apart from their name of course), both are accessible from the numerous Linux and Win 7 machines that we operate, but the TV live can only see one of them as a Windows Share. The TV Live sees both of them as Media Servers. This is not good. I could live with having to switch betwen them manually through ‘Select Content’ but the second share simply does not appear for selection. Would someone pease confirm that this is functioning as designed. If it is I will probably replace it.

You’re sure both NAS are in the same workgroup as the WDTV Live? I have 2 MyBookLiveDuo’s connected via SMB.