How do these drives come prepared out of the box?

Hi, I purchased these two drives (factory sealed). So far I unpacked and installed Windows 10 Pro on the 2 TB - Windows fresh install created like 5 or more partitions - not sure why it created so many. Also I’m not sure if WD had created any partition or had any initialization software or had SSD applications/utilities files, etc. on the drive at their mgf level.

Currently I’d like to revert the drive back to its original status, exactly the same way it was out of the box after unpacked.

Your insights would be greatly appreciated.

Part No: WDS100T2B0C
WD Blue SN550 1TB M.2 NVMe PCI-E

Part No: WDS200T2B0C
WD Blue SN550 2TB M.2 NVMe PCI-E


Please refer to the following KBA article: How to Partition and Format a WD Drive on Windows and macOS