How Do I Write Zeros (Low Level Format) My Drive?

Running a WD 750GB Black drive on a Dell laptop, Windows 7.

I want to do a clean install but first would prefer to do a low level format and reset the drive to a factory fresh state. 

Previously when I’ve tried this, whatever WD software I attempted to use just would not work and Iwas forced to use a third party disc wipe program, (Kill Disk).  I’d prefer to stick with WD.  Thank you.


Take a look at this KB article regarding Low Level Format:

Hi John,

I’ve read that article.  Problem is, the utility that WD offers doesn’t seem to work, at least for me.  I’ve tried using the Data Lifeguard but for whatever reason I haven’t been able to get the DOS version to work.

Can you be more specific?

What part of the process is not working?

First, I downloaded Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for DOS to my desktop:

Then as per the instructions I extracted the file and copied it to a floppy.  Set the BIOS to boot off the floppy I receive a message that the program I’m trying to run is incompatable with the OS, which is Windows 7.

I’m probably doing something wrong but I haven’t been able to this figure out.

The application is running on DOS therefore the OS does not come into the picture yet.

You can try creating a CD instead of the floppy disk and retry.

When I boot off the floppy, (which has been formatted as instructed), the screen shows:



I don’t know what to do at that point.

I would create a CD, but when I download and extract the file it is a .exe file.  Don’t I need an ISO to create the disc?