How do i wake up a sleeping MyBook drive?

i’m trying to run an automated compression backup, but it is not able to write files, since the MyBook drive is sleeping. is there something i can do to wake up the drive, so it can be active when the backup job runs?

Use something like scheduler on Windows to run a ping command a few mins before the compression schedule job runs. You just need to access it somehow, ping it, access a share, http, etc.

Where is the backup running at and how? A cron job?

I run via the scheduler an incremental Win-rar job that writes multiple DVD sized files to the MyBook drive. I tried copying a file to that drive built into the Win-Rar batch file before the RAR runs, but the copy also failed. Can you please tell me, How do I “Ping” that drive? Thank you vry much, be well, david

Any valid command executed agains MBL should wake it up. You might be able to add a ping command to your script, or even something smart that checks for MBL to be up before moving on, such as waiting for a ping response or checking to see if a file in a share exists.

Too many docs out there already, try some internet searches for “windows scheduler ping script”. Also look for “if exist” options for Windows scripts.

Dear Shubauboy… so far, so good. I got the IP address of the MBL and created a test ping job. now I just have to do further testing, starting from a confirmed sleep state, in order to prove the ping wakes it up. I’ll get back to you after that next test condition.

Thanks for this help.

Be well david