How do I use Two 2TB Mybooks simultaneously?

I have two 2TB Mybook drives, and I can use them individually, but if I plug both in (to my PC) at the same time I can only access one at a time… this is incredibly frustrating as the sole purpose of buying two drives was to have them carry backup files and be able to copy from one to the other as needed.

I even reformatted one of the drives and gave it a different name, but it still won’t let me open both drives at the same time. 

When I go into my “Devices and Printers” it SHOWS both devices, but the “Browse Files” option is ONLY accessible to the drive I plugged in FIRST…
I also have a 2TB Seagate drive, and I have no problem copying from the Seagate to one of the WD Mybooks. 

Please help! This negates my reason for buying these two devices…

check this post it explains what to do to correct it.



Let us know how you get on.


Did it work for you?