How do I use my Passport as Mac Time Machine AND external drive

I have a 1TB Passport Essential SE (USB 2.0) (version and am currently using it for my Mac Time Machine on my MacBook Pro 7.1 (2010 mid-yr) with OS X 10.8.4. I would also like to use it as an external drive for pictures and videos from my MacBook, because they are using too much space on my laptop.

I tried to drag & drop, but it wont accept that. I tried to create a seperate folder, but there was no option in the menu bar to create a folder. Is it possible to do what I want on one Passport? I’m thinking maybe I have to wipe it out, create a partition, then put Time Machine on one side and use the other as an external drive, but I dont even know if that will work. I kinda know my way around a computer just a bit, but not much beyond an average joe…

Help please?



Hi everyone! I tried the partition thing and it worked! Here are the details of what I did, just in case you have the same issue:

I found answer ID 3865 and basically followed those steps. I selected the “Instructions for Mountain Lion.” Some of the screens looked a little bit different, but it is fairly easy to find the selection referred to in the original answer.

In Step 3: Instead of selecting  1 partition , I selected  2 partitions. I named one of them  “Time Machine Backups,” and the other partition  “External Drive,” but you can name them whatever you want.

In Step 4: I selected  “GUID Partition Table” because I saw that somewhere on my original Time Machine. This step seemed a bit weird because you’re  not selecting “Apple Partition Map,” although it’s an Apple Computer. The Apple Partition Map might work, but I did not try it, so I can’t attest to whether or not it works.

After following the rest of the steps and the formatting was complete, I started a Time Machine Backup. When it asked for the drive on which I would like to create the Time Machine Backup, I selected the partition I had designated for “Time Machine Backups.” So far, it seems to be working fine, although the backup wont complete until later tonight…

I have also tested copying and moving files to the other partition, and that works fine as well. I’ll wait until the entire backup has completed before I actually move my picture, video, and perhaps some non-essential files to my “External Drive” Partition.

Hope this helps someone!!!