How do I update the squeezebox server on my WD PR4100?

Hey there,

I run an WD PR4100 and use the "Squeezebox Server " APP offered by WD Software Store for PR4100. It was easy to activate and use the App. My Multiroom System based on raspberry is runningwell. Now the “squeezebox community” offers an update. Nowhere I can find any documentation about this process or any “how to!”
Has anyone in the community solved a similar issue or has an idea. I have no info about the operating System of the PR4100 (Linux I guess, but which distirbution, etc.). Or should I use a docker Image of the app, …
It would be really greate if I can get some help.

Greatings from Germany


Hi tordyrob,

We have placed a link below for information about this.


the answer is really boring. Don’t you think I’ve done this before I wrote my request. The community promised such a reaction.
I think you should read request again and the give me an answer. Maybe I should write my request in an other language. What do you prefere?

I’m really disappointed currently. The NAS Community told my not to buy a WD NAS because of the bad support of APPs and the lousy hotline.


Any new to my topic available?

Currently the squeezebox center doesn’t work anymore. Same after reinstall. Additionally the system shutdown hung after reinstall and start reboot. Another issue which I didn’t expect.
After looking what happened. I saw an update, which I configured to do automatically. So there is a relationship for sure. Do you have any infos for me?

Best regards


You definitely want to switch to the Docker side (I wish it was easier to port native apps since it’d be more efficient resource-wise). The community is here for you; with the following installed, you will have access to current Docker as well as Portainer for easier management.