How do I update my software?

I need to update the software in the WD My Book Essentials external drive. However, when I go to the WD upgrade site, the only option I have is an .msi file. My server does not allow me to install this file. I checked with our computer consultants, and they told me that I need an .exe file, not an .msi file. He explained me further that .msi files are not as secure as .exe files, and that is why the server refuses to allow the installation.

The original file that came with our WD My Book Essentials is indeed an .exe file (WD SmartWare.exe). Can you possibly provide me with an .exe file for the upgrade, so I  can resolve this impasse.

Other than that, whe WD books (we have two of them) have been working fine. However, one of them just freezes when I try to do the backup (it says “ready to perform backup,” but nothing happens), and I think may be upgrading the software might help. I have tried un-installing and re-installing the old (original) software, and it helped for a while (but it is quite cumbersome). Now, however, even this did not help. We are lucky that the second WD My Book Essentials is still working.

For reference, the S/N of the My Book Essentials that is refusing to work is [Deleted] R/N C3C

Thank you.

I just downloaded the version from the WD Site on the link below and is an .exe file inside of a compress folder…

Thank you for the advice, and for your reply, but it didn’t work. I followed your instructions, and was led to exactly the same place I accessed before. The file inside the .zip folder is

WD Smartware Upgrader.msi.

It is an .msi file, not an .exe file. There seems to be NO .exe files available for this upgrade, which is quite a shame, because I cannot perform the upgrade. My server does not accept .msi files. Thanks anyway for the advice.