How do I turn this thing off?

I’m housing a WD MBW for my mother. It serves as off-site backup for her. All it needs to do is to make a shared volume available by static IP over AFP.

At the moment it is completely empty, and both UPnP and iTunes server is turned off, but it still appears in iTunes, on my WDTV Live and in the Finder sidebar on all Macs on my network. I wish all other devices would stop discovering it all the time. No-one in our house needs to use it, so I’d rather not see it everywhere. Kind of a backwards problem, I guess.

The only thing that I don’t seem to be able to turn off is the Twonky Media Server. I’m betting if I get that disabled as well, that it would vanish from auto discovery, but how do I do that?


Hi there, why not shutting down the whole thing by pressing the power button on the back or going to the web interface> advanced mode> system> shutdown / reboot> shutdown?