How do I turn off the public access toggles - currently greyed out

I’ve added a new user to my MyCloud device but I only want them to have access to one folder. They’ve been automatically assigned access to all folders currently and the only one I can deny them access to is the timemachine one. All the other folders have the public access toggle greyed out so it’s not possible to change it there.
Also under their user profile the list of folders are all greyed out, so I can’t deny them access to any of them there either!

Does anyone know how I can get access the toggles to turn them on/off!?
Seems bizzare!

you can’t change the Public folder access, it’s hardcoded into the drives software , , the other folders on there , are any of them shares you yourself have created or are they the default ones the drive creates itself?

Yes there are a couple of folders on there that are shares I’ve created myself. One that I want to be private and one (the only one) that I want my second user to have access to. Even on this one the ‘access’ toggle is greyed out so I can’t change it…
Any ideas why?