How do I transfer the data from EX2 to EX2 Ultra

I upgraded from a EX2 4 TB to a New EX2 Ultra 12 TB.
1.) How do I transfer data from my EX2 to EX2 Ultra?
2.) I would like to use the EX2 as my Time Machine backup drive only, is that possible?

I would do this via brute force:

Put both devices on the same network, and do a series of drag-and-drops using a PC.

At the end of the process, you will have two copies of everything on different boxes; I would put the old EX2 in a closet (in a different house) as insurance against an unforeseen disaster.

Can you use the old EX2 as a time machine backup only: Of course!! I think it has time machine software installed, right? There is no issue having both units living on the same network. The only trickiness comes in if you expose both units to the internet. . . .but you might not want to do that for other (cyber) reasons.


Thanks for your response.

1.) From what I understand you’re suggesting is to copy/paste from EX2 to pc, then pc to EX2 Ultra. That would be via brute force. I was hoping for an easier way but getting the data onto my new EX2 Ultra is my ultimate goal, so if that is the best way to get it transferred then that is what I’ll do.

2.) Time machine is already backing up to the EX2 so that shouldn’t be an issue.

3.) My current EX2 is 4 TB and I use it as a redundancy setup. Between time machine and data/pictures It has filled to capacity. I purchased the EX2 Ultra with 12 TB and will set it up as a redundancy setup as well. But I plan on using it for data/pictures only. I don’t want to commingle Time Machine backups with the other backups so my goal is to separate the two EX2’s and the data stored on them.

Thanks for the help.


Ummm. . . well you can copy a little more elegantly than that.

Once both drives are up and running on the network, you can drag/drop directly from one NAS to the other NAS, without first copying to the PC. Just open an file browser window for each NAS. . .and have at it.
The only thing “brute force” about it is that you have to keep the PC running during the entire transfer. But the basic transfer should be at close to network speed.

There is a lot of merit to setting up the system as you suggest.
Me personally: I don’t backup my PC - - > because I don’t have any data or media on the PC; only programs. The data lives on the NAS drives and portable external drives. The external drives are backed up to the NAS; so if the PC goes kaploohee. . . .it’s probably time to reload software to eliminate build up debris.

That will be so much easier. I’m planning on setting everything up in the morning and start the transfer from one to the other. I plan on auto backups so just in case the Mac does go kaploohee (LOL) I’ll have everything ready to reload.

Thanks NAS_user


After I setup the EX2 Ultra NAS I tried to follow your direction and Drag/Drop from EX2 but it didn’t allow me to even drag the file. I tried to copy but it ask for a location of files only within the EX2 and didn’t give me the option of the EX2 Ultra. Not sure where I go from here.

Thanks ralee2511

So you have BOTH drives open in separate windows? and you can move files from directory-to-directory ON the drives, but not from one drive to the other??

Sounds like a drive permissions problem. It’s not prompting you for passwords when you do this, is it?


I do have separate browsers open, one with EX2 the other with EX2 Ultra. When I select the file or folder on the EX2 browser it doesn’t allow me to drag it from to the EX2 Ultra. I find it odd when I use copy or move it doesn’t give me an option to paste to both devices as an option, since I’m able to switch between the devices on I’m able to switch between them using the gear icon. It does not ask for password durning this function or when I switch between devices on



Great news. I was able to figure out how to transfer pictures/documents from my EX2 to EX2 Ultra. Based on your original suggestion I looked at options on the drag and drop theory.

Here is what I was able to figure out.

First Step: On my MacBook Pro I opened Finder. I scrolled down the menu list on the left. Starting with Favorites then Devices then Shared.

Under Shared I have both MycloudEX2Ultra and WDMycloudEX2.
I select the WDMycloudEX2 and wallah I’m in (if it is not already connected I select the connect button and signed in).

Second Step: I opened on Chrome . If it opened in the EX2 NAS I changed it to the EX2 Ultra NAS.
With the split screens side-by-side (Finder/Shared/WDMycloudEX2 on the left and Mycloud EX2 Ultra in Chrome on the right) I start the “Brute Force” process.

The Drag and Drop transfer has worked flawlessly. I would Drag from EX2 in Finder and Drop in Mycloud EX2 Ultra in Chrome. I am about 1/3 of the way but I am transferring large sums of data so yes this will take some time.

It was with your directions, an assistance and my persistence on finding a solution that this has worked.

Thanks for your help NAS_user

Glad it worked out for you.

I am surprised you had to access the second NAS via the cloud. I suspect something is not set up correctly somewhere.

I am using Windows systems, but I would be shocked if the MAC world is different. You should be able to open each machine in separate windows directly. I would start with IP address settings. I use fixed IP addresses on all my NAS like devices, just outside the range that DHCP is configured to assign addresses. i.e.; if DHCP assign in the range, I would start NAS assignments at 192…169.0.101