How do i transfer content from my old Buffalo linkstation to My Cloud fast?


i have upgraded to my cloud

I want to transfer all my content from my old buffalo linkstation, but using the network seems to be so slow. Is there any other options of transfering it?

thanks for your help


I am facing the similar issue. Transferring data over the network is a nightmare. Also, the time machine takes forever. I have yet not been able to have one complete backup since i got this device which is almost 20 days now. Is there something in the settings i am doing wrong?? Pls suggest. 

Only way I can think of is via SSH on the My Cloud, mount the volume, and copy over.

The fastest would be to mount both drives on your computer and then just copy paste from one drive to the other.

Every other method, will give you A LOT less transfer speed

very simple. Use SSH and mount the other drive to your WD.

See this guide

That will be be about 4x slower than mounting the drives in e.g using samba

SSH might be slower, but it has one big advantage: it does not tie up computer resources on your PC.  You can actually turn off your PC and just let the two NAS’s do their transfer all night long.

I’ve had 4 WD NAS’s now (from each generation). For me, the SSH mount method has been the easiest and the best.

The absolute fastest way is to use FTP. But it also requires some Linux skills