How do I transfer a TV series to the hub?

I have a 4 DVD set for a TV season, each DVD has 4 episodes. How do I transfer these to the hub so that I can watch all episodes ? Right now only the first episode plays or I get a message " no video in folder. I am a newbie at this so I can use all the help that I can get. Thanks

Well, if it’s a complete DVD rip, then when you start the DVD, you should see the DVD Menu and people to select which episode you want to watch.

How are you ripping the DVDs?

I am using clonedvd2 which gives a VIDOE_TS file

It gives ONE VIDEO_TS file?   Well, then that’s not a correct DVD rip.

If you’re ripping to VOBs, you should be left with a collection of several VOB files, several IFO files, and several BUP files.

All of these must be placed into a VIDEO_TS FOLDER.