How do I synch multiple laptops to same folder in Family Folder?

I have two laptops. Each has a Slideshow Folder inside the Pictures Library.
One laptop has 366 pictures, the other laptop has 335.
I uploaded one of the Slideshow folders and then moved it into the Family Folder.

Now that it is there how do I designate that both laptops should sync with this folder.
So when one laptop adds a new picture it will be uploaded to the Slideshow folder within the Family folder. When another laptop connects it will sync and thus both directories on both laptops should be able to be in synch.

you cant, you can sync the folders from each computer to the my cloud but each separate computer will create it own sync folder on the my cloud home. The only way you could do what you are looking to do is manually copy the file into the folder you want it to be in.

Well that is really disappointing!
Is there a 3rd party App like Plex or some other that could be used here?

What then is the purpose of the Family Folder?