How do I sync between 2 WDMyCloud units

Western Digital has recently updated their marketing web pages for the WD MyCloud so the bullet point marketing blurb that mentions this is no longer to be found. It was there and it did clearly suggest that if you or I purchased a second single Mycloud (Which I of course did) that it was possible to sync the 2 and have unattended redundancy. Now I can’t find any information anywhere on how to achieve this. Can anyone point me in the right direction. my use is basic file server NAS. No remote access. Don’t use it for music or video or photos. I just use the MyCloud to store all my work so I can access from any of the 5 machines in the house. I want another synced Mycloud so there isn’t any down time if one goes bad and then go buy another and restore from backup. The MyCloud Mirror is fine if a drive failes but not if a controler fails. Thus I was interested in syncing 2 single myCloud units as the marketing said.

Anyone hheard of this. I tried to start a support ticket but the non applicable canned answers wore me out before I could get to real support.

The WD My Cloud has a feature called Safepoint. Basically it allows one to backup one WD My Cloud to either another WD My Cloud or to some other location on the network. See the following link: How to create a Safepoint backup of a My Cloud on another device

Also, if you haven’t already done so see the WD My Cloud User Manual. Chapter 11 in the User Manual explains what Safepoints are and how to set them up and how to recover using one.

Thanks, but I’m familiar with the concepts. Yes, I perused the Manual when I aquired my first MyCloud  and again while hunting this “Snipe”.The marketing hoo-haa seemed to mention the second Mycloud in a different context than “Safe Points”. the notion mentioned was not as a (time down inevitable) backup solution but rather like a push - pull distribution server scenario by which data would always be immediately available on the network from one or the other MyCloud. This technology is reeeaaallly old and has been around since before the 90’s. Implimentation should have ben a piece of cake. It’s why I was so ready to believe the marketing to be true. Still hoping!