How do I switch WD My Cloud to a new computer?

Just upgraded desktop from Windows 7 – which had 2TB My Cloud – to Windows 10, 32GB Ram, 2TB HD. I can see the My Cloud icon in my Explorer browser, under Network, connected wirelessly.

Do I need to switch any admin “credentials” to the new computer or do anything else, since the old computer is offline permanently, or did My Cloud relay that info to Windows 10 automatically when first connected? I don’t see anything about switching in the user manual.

By the way, I see Windows 8 listed as connected on the My Cloud dashboard under the “Cloud Access” tab – but I’ve never had Windows 8!

Downloaded SmartWare, and see uploads under SmartWare files. But when I click the SmartWare dashboard’s device image to log-in to a particular user in the dropdown menu, nothing happens. It still says “Login required.” I’ve changed that user’s password, which works on the My Cloud dashboard, so perhaps the problem is the username. Where do I change it for that user?

I’ve closed and reopened dashboards as stated in other WD Community answers on similar questions, but that hasn’t helped.

I’m rusty on this, since I haven’t had to do anything since I originally installed it in December 2015. Thanks in advance for your advice.

Do you have the 1st Generation or 2nd Generation My Cloud? Is your My Cloud connected to your Router?

If your My Cloud is connected to your Router then all you should have had to do is download the same apps as you had on your old computer for use of your My Cloud.

Link to Download Apps for My Cloud 1st Generation:

Thanks. Can’t tell which Generation I have (even based on posts I viewed about that subject), but since I bought MC two years ago, it must be 1st Generation. I’ve already downloaded the apps. Just can’t figure how to access and set automatic backup for the only user, which is me as my name. That name is what is presented when I access MC via its dashboard.

Is the SmartWare user/backup target name where all the backup goes and just another name for my new “home” computer? If so, then I’m all set.