How do I stop the drive from spinning?


I woke up this morning and the WD hub was spinning quite loudly, even though the WD was turned off.

Is this normal and is there a way to stop it rom spinning continually?


Hold the power button down for more than three seconds.   THAT will power it off.   Otherwise, it’s still powered on, it’s just in STANDBY.

Thanks Tony… but if the unit is off, what’s it doing? The spinning was actually pretty loud.


dlpro wrote:

Thanks Tony… but if the unit is off, what’s it doing? The spinning was actually pretty loud.



 If you dont hold down the powerbutton, the device stays on but just turns off the output to the TV.

This way its still active on the network and other devices can still use it to stream from.

And that is a misbehavior in my opinion!

A red power button means: Power off - be silent… And that is not the case with the WD TV.

At least we should have the option to either “Turn off” og “Standby” when single pressing the power button on the remote.

It annoys me too, that the Hub is VERY noisy when in “standby-mode”. Haven’t investigated it further, but is it the fan spinning, or the HDD?

I like the idea having the box in a standby-mode where you can still transfer files to and from the device. But when it’s in standby, it should have a HDD spindown when there’s no activity… Then - when the CPU and system detects activity, it should start the HDD again.

Normal computers does that - why can’t the WD TV Live Hub?

Read the manual.   

It doesn’t matter what you THINK it should do, it’s documented, and that’s the way it was designed.  ;)

It’s NOT documented as POWER OFF.   It’s documented as STANDBY.

If you call it VERY noisy (which is , of course, subjective) you probably have a fan or HD that’s on the verge of failure and should replace it while you can, under warranty, or RMA, or exchange, or whatever.

The drive is a NOTORIOUSLY QUIET WD Scorpio Blue.   They are APPLAUDED for being so quiet.

Turn the thing on when it’s upside down.  

When you hear the noise, blow into the fan cover and see if the noise pitch changes.   If it does, it’s the fan that’s making the noise.   If not, it’s the drive.

It’s MUCH more likely to be the FAN than the DRIVE.

The HDD DOES spin down when there’s no activity.

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Thanks for your replies. I appreciate it.

dlpro:   No problem.   Let us know what you discover!