How do I stop MyCloud scanning my many, many research files?

I have some ‘family media’ files which I want our BluRay player to pull off NAS as family albums.

An amateur author and scientist, I also have a vast archive of documents and research files, with a deeply, deeply nested directory tree *stuffed* with jpgs etc, not to mention a ‘folder.jpg’ in each sub-directory…

After nearly a week (!!) my new MyCloud 3TB’s DLNA server has found ~130,000 images, but has a long, long way to go.

I don’t want to use Twonky, as it makes my head hurt.

I just want to tell the MyCloud that ‘Nik_Files’ and its zillion sub-folders are NOT intended for DLNA use.

Ideas ??

( Reluctantly running 8.1u1, albeit sanitised to near-XP appearance… )

Its painfully slow aint it?  I forgot the SSH commands that shuts down the MC creating the thumns that takes so long.  

Sorry guys !

Took me a while to realise the ‘share’ options should let you switch DLNA on/off for *each* ‘share’ directory.

Rather than take liberties with the filing system, I’m moving my ~15 GB, ~227 000 ‘Nik_Files’ tree to a new ‘share’ directory.  About 11 GB, 4~~6 hrs left due many, many small files.

( Tiny files crawl by at 100 KB/s, middling files go 500 KB/s, big images and chunky PDFs scoot at 2.5 MB/s… )

So, I’ll then disable DLNA for my research & writing archive, enable the ‘Public’ area with those albums, re-enable the myCloud, set the whatsit to re-scan the media files .

Should do it.




there is additional photo scanning / thumbnails beside twonky. this is used to the WD photos & WD my cloud apps. If you don’t use either of these and are even a little bit comfortable using SSH in Linux you may want to disable these

to put them back later just change stop to start & disable to enable

these stop the current processes

/etc/init.d/wdmcserverd stop
/etc/init.d/wdphotodbmergerd stop

these prevent them from restarting at boot

update-rc.d wdphotodbmergerd disable
update-rc.d wdmcserverd disable


Couple of years ago, when even I had to admit that my bevoved XP #2 was on the way out, I had a long, long look at Linux & Python.

With a deep background in multiple versions of BASIC, I loved Python on sight. Within a couple of hours, I’d written a neat, non-trivial program to scour a huge ‘nearby stars’ Astronomy database that I had on file.

Bad news was, even with a *seriously* clued nephew helping, I could make neither head nor tail of Linux. Worse, I re-discovered an aversion to command line commands which dates back to the 1970s…

Remember those early printers’ and disk-drives’ arcane, pseudo-random ESC & Ctrl-D commands ? Quite…

Having then spent too many years wrangling a baulky industrial ‘robot control system’ which used HP Technical BASIC (in ROM) under a *cranky* Unix shell, I realised I’d have much more sympathy for German or Latin, both RPLs that I loathed…

So, if it looks or smells like Unix or Linux, please include me out.

It’s easy - no advance knowledge required. Follow these instructions:

  1. Enable SSH
  • login to your WDMyCloud dashboard ( http://wdmycloud/ ) -> go to Settings -> Network -> and set  SSH to  ON
  1. Download Putty, an SSH client

- install it on your computer

  1. Open Putty and connect to WDMyCloud via SSH
  • Enter the IP address of your WDMyCloud in the  Host Name ( or IP Address ) field.

  • Click Open on the bottom to connect

  • If this is your first time using SSH for your device you will need to accept the  Host Key by clicking  Yes

  1. Login
  • The default login is “root” and the password is “welc0me” (yes, that is a number zero in welc0me)

Run the following commands

/etc/init.d/wdmcserverd stop

/etc/init.d/wdphotodbmergerd stop


update-rc.d wdphotodbmergerd disable

update-rc.d wdmcserverd disable

That’s it, you can log out now (type “exit”)

You may now set the SSh back to Off in the MyCloud dashboard

Note: Copy and pasting commands with putty can be done by selecting the commands from this screen (copy),

then go back to the putty screen and paste by right-clicking on your mouse anywhere on the screen.


Yes, I did it the lonnng way around, for fear of treading on hypothetical ‘invisible’ files in those existing directories.

But, yes, with my 15+ GB Nik_Files ‘tree’ safely in its own share, with its DLNA set to ‘no’, I told the mycloud to rebuild its DLNA directory.

Within seconds, it had found and catalogued the ‘family albums’ in the ‘enabled’ ‘Public’ share / area.

Looks like ‘job done’. Later this evening, I’ll try to access them via our networked BluRay player…

I’ve come across another issue, but that belongs in a different thread…


Added: The myCloud has hung up on the ‘media’ files in my research stuff. Stuck on 0% after reboot. Coming to conclusion that I need a DLNA drive *and* a generic file-server drive…

Added #2: With the UI closed, the myCloud made significant progress, thumbnailing 22% of ‘photos’ (sundry jpgs) in 24 hrs. Perhaps a myCloud can’t ‘walk & chew gum’ ? Perhaps the UI must be closed to release enough processor resource for *serious* house-keeping ?? Hmm.

Super helpful - thank you!!! One or two questions…
After the second command it does stop service but says “you need to specify who to kill” - normal?
Also, is there a workaround for this in the long run? I mean, we do use the WD Photo app to find family photos from phones… This should help with watching movies on PS4 or accessing photos from laptop but kinda sad we have to sacrifice one function to make the device usable at all, right?
Again, thank you!!!

Please advise. After updating My cloud on v 04.05.00-315, the disc does not sleep. Only sometimes for a little while and he wakes himself, even if he has no reason to. The second disk has firmware v.2.30.165 and there is sleep OK. How to get back to the previous firmware? Win SPC does not see “etc”.
Thank you for answer.

update-rc.d command does not work. is there a different command used now?

thankfully, this thread is still open to post to …

i wanted to chime in to say how completely crippling and awful the media scanning feature actually is.

yesterday i started experiencing disconnects and smb connection resets as well as extremely slow (7days to copy 65GB of data SLOW). the feature is absolutely useless. each OS that accesses the server gathers and creates its own file metadata anyway. and in the end when this is enabled, it is embedding hidden files all over the NAS that take up space.

it’s one great way to get people to want to throw out their my cloud and replace it with something else.