How do I setup my network share [new user]

I just got  a " Western Digital WD TV Live Plus 1080p HD Media Player" I wanted to network share to play the movies I have on my PC. How do I set this up? From my understanding all I have to do is plug my ethernet cord into WD media player and it will connect to the network. Am I missing a cord or anything? because when I click on “network share” on the menu nothing happens. I’m using windows 7… I was watching some youtube videos and I notice how “WDTV” appears on their PCs but on mines only thing shows up is the name of my computer and a hard drive symbol. How would I set this up? thank you!

*** Also I watched this youtube vid about creating an account on windows 7 for WDTV and it didnt work… like I said before WDTV doesnt even show up on my pc.

You do not need a password to network share from PC to WDTV if:

– You set up your Win 7 network to not require one

– You set the WDTV to auto log on

(this is how my system is setup)

If you cannot share under these conditions, you need to set up your network correctly first.

Did you buy a new WDTV with setup CD?

Have you checked in the WD support section for the PDF manual that is needed but not supplied in the box for this unit from WD?

Get these, figure out how to set up a Win 7 network, and you will be in business.

^^I figuered out what I was doing wrong…

  • I realized I didn’t install the CD. So, I installed the cd.

  • Then after watching some tutorials I noticed I needed to add the folder I wanted to share to “Windows Media Center”

  • I had my ethernet cable connected wrong. I had it running from my comcast modem to WD TV. Which alllowed me to access the internet but NOT network shares.

  • Something told me to run the ethernet from my computer to WD TV and now network shares work on WD TV.

It took me 4 hours to figure that out, lol.

  • thanks for replying!!