How do I set up a share that everyone can read, but have only 1 updater?

The Public option seems to give both read and write to the share. How can I set up a share that everyone can read but has a selected set of authenticated writers?

Hi Lennie_Bradshaw,

You can have a look on below KBA to create a share and assign different permissions to users.


Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I know how to set up the share and assign various users permissions. What I want to do is set up a PUBLIC share but only allow READ access. I cannot see how to do this.

Hi Lennie_Bradshaw,

PUBLIC share provides R/W access to all users by default. Here, you can create a share and provide READ only access to all users. So that all users will be able to access the share and they will only have read only permission on the share that you created.

If i have understood correctly, PUBLIC access provides access to unidentified and non-authenticated users. Is this correct?
So how do i supply PUBLIC read-only access to unidentified and non-authenticated users?

As far as i can see I can grant read-only access to specific users only.

Anyone with your LAN access, can access your My Cloud Public Share and as Public Share provides R/W access so this share would be accessible to all users on same network. But you need to make it Private Share if want to put Read permission so that users can only view/read this share only.
Private Share provides Read Only access to specific user only. However, you can share your credentials with users whom do you want to share your Private Share but it is not applicable for Non-Authenticated users.

This sounds like a major omission. Providing read-only access to “everyone” is a very useful facility.
Any chance that WD will provide this capability?

Any WD personnel able to comment on this?