How do I set up a share so I can see it Windwoes Explorer?

Ok, so I have set up my DL4100 on the network. The access problems not withstanding, I want to access the shares like I have done in the past with, for example, a Buffalo Station: as a shared drive. How do I do that?
Some details: I have set up the drive on my network and created shares. When I am hard-wired into the network via a network cable, I can see the DL4100. I also set up VPN access to the network, but when I do, I don’t see the DL4100. I can ping it, and I can even use a web browser to log in and administer it, but Windows does not see it. How do I fix this?

VPNs usually don’t allow discovery services like NDMP and Bonjour, so just set up a static mapping and it’ll work fine.