How do I set my ipod and samsung s3 to back up automatically?

I have the WD Mycloud app, but I’ve only found that I can manually select photos and that’s it…there has to be another option


There is no backup option that I know of. The mycloud app allows you to access your files either via your network or over the internet and that’s about it.

But you can choose to upload photos…only manually though.  It just feels weird, why would you only be able to upload photos, and why would there be no automatic option?  Why can’t I backup music from my phone, for instance?

There is an auto upload on the WD photos app.

On my S3, the only “easy” way I’ve found to do automatic remote backups is to run Titanium Backup (or any other backup program) to backup everything to local storage.  Then I use the FolderSync app to sync that folder to the My Cloud drive using FTP.  I run FolderSync on my backup folder and on the internal storage so I have a backup of everything.  You can configure FolderSync to just sync certain folders (pictures, etc) and set up schedules and rules (only wifi) for sync’ing.