How do I see the movie thumbnails?! PLEASE HELP!

So my problem is pretty simple, although the solution isn’t! I have a WD TV LIVE HUB with a 2 TB EXTERNAL HDD connected to it. (This particular set up is in my bedroom, because the EXTERNAL has over 850 1080p MKV movies on it!) And absolutely everything is setup the way I want it. With meta-info attached to each movie. The part where I run into the problem is as follows:

I recently wanted to be able to access all the movies in the my living room, so I purchased the following two products: 1. WD TV LIVE PLUS and 2. WD LIVEWIRE (only bought to avoid picture and audio lag, plus an Ethernet cable all the way from my bedroom to my living room is well over 350 feet!) Anyway, I am able to navigate to where the movies are stored on the EXTERNAL through the PLUS. And everything is great, no audio lag and picture is stellar! But the only thing is… There’s NO PICTURES (thumbs of the movie posters) while browsing! And/ or any of the meta-info that the HUB pulled?! PLEASE ADVISE.

It’s more of a presentation issue, but I wasn’t too sure where to post this issue because there were multiple WD devices used?? And also, I checked the files on my computer and it shows all three items in each movie folder. (i.e. the movie itself, the poster, and the movie info) So I’m just not too sure how to display the posters on the PLUS in my living room. I tried the different layouts also, like “Thumbnail”, “List” and “Preview” all of them do not display the movie poster.

Thanks in advance everyone!


Its because the Live cant display the same info as the Hub.

The Live has no Get Content info collector, and does not display any info, bar a folder.jpg.

I think you could do it with Thumbgen and Moviesheets, your Live would have to be running a modded firmware to view them of course.

But the Hub and Live could both work off that, but they both wont work using Xml files.

No, that’s not true…  The Live / Live+ SHOULD be seeing the “posters” of each of the movies.

As long as the “Get Content Info” action on the hub added the “moviename.jpg” file, the Live+ should see them as well.

That is, unless you’re using the MEDIA SERVER function of the Live Hub to do that.

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I AM using the media server function actually. Is there any other way to view the content on the EXTERNAL without going through the media server route? Secondly I was looking at maybe the 3 TB NAS that WD offers, if I were to migrate the movies to the NAS, would the thumbnails show up on both the HUB and the PLUS?? Just curious? Sorry, I’m a bit of a nub when it comes to stuff like this.

-Thanks in advance again.

Ah Tony is quite right…

On another note the Gen1 was limited by folder.jpg  w x h, could that be an issue, as the Hub seems quite relaxed about sizing.

Just set the hub to share media, and use the NETWORK SHARE mode.

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Thanks again to everyone for their help. I actually figured it out. I ended up moving the ELEMENTS to a direct connect to the PLUS and networked the movies through the LIVEWIRE and all the meta-info was still there on the hub! I just recently bought a MY BOOK LIVE 3TB, so we’ll see what happens then. Again, thanks to everyone.