How do I roll back firmware?

The latest firmware YouTube keeps quitting and going back HOME.

How do I roll back firmware?

I found this topic:

It says I need a USB flash drive. I do not have one!

If you don’t have access to a USB thumb drive or a USB external hard drive, you can’t roll back… the update files can’t be read from a Net Share.

Do you have a digital camera that uses SD (or any) memory cards and a USB card reader? That should work too.

Format the card on your PC and put the firmware on there.

USB flash drives and flash memory is so common (and cheap) that it’s surprising to hear someone say they don’t have any / can’t borrow one. Ask a friend or relative…?

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Well, we had two flash drives in the house. The one I had the little thing that held it in your keychain finally broke and I kept losing it.

The other drive I got for my Girlfriend that came with the limited edition version of Sims 3 game. Holy cow was that annoying shaped:

Triangle, pointy, but anyway I was sent to New York City one day for work and the lady there stepped on my drive! Stupid Dell’s computer cases have the USB ports all the way on the bottom where you can’t even see the holes to stick it in.

Anyway, I’ll go buy one as they’re under $10 bucks now. Thanks.

Have you tried resetting the hub before you roll back. Press the bottom paperclip button for a couple of seconds and then release with the hub fully booted. Note - you will lose any Get Content info but your files will be OK. Also unplug from power for some minutes.

Sometimes strange things happen after a firmware upgrade and resetting can overcome the problem.

I am using the latest firmware and youtube is working OK here.

Don’t know what a bottom paperclip button is… on my remote? Nor do I see any reference to a paperclip button in the manual.

Its underneath the Hub, and it means it needs a paperclip to reset it.

Oh ■■■■… that paperclip… just did it. Will see what happens. I should have just did a rollback. Now all my network settings a relost, and it’s gonna take forever to catalog my media.

A rollback would have been much the same.

Yeah shame about the media, I would have stopped watching Youtube. :slight_smile:

Ok. Didn’t know rollback would be the same. This **bleep**. Took me awhile to figure out how to setup wireless last time. Now I can’t get it to connect again.

Network connection fixed. YouTube seems to work now too. All fine so far except frequent lag in the menus. It will pause for 5 - 10 seconds sometimes before responding.