How do I restore WD Smartware I have deleted from my Essential Passport 320G external drive?

I have deleted all my data and the WD Smartware from the Passport Essential external hard drive.  I am not bothered about recovering my PC backup, only about restoring the “original” software / smartware that came with the external HD.  I have downloaded the Smartware from the WD site, several times, to no avail.  My PC recognises the Passport drive as G: and the Smartware as F:  Nothing happens when I double click on F: and when I do same to G: it asks me if I want to format it first (which I have refrained from doing until I get some advice about what to do).

When I launch the Smarware it gives me a screen showing the C: drive of my PC with a scren icon, but not the G: drive.  I only have access to the HOME and SETTINGS tabs on the screen.  Accessing the settings tab only allows me to set the software settings bit not the drive settings.  The Backup and Retrieve tabs are “greyed” out

So, can anyone help me restore the Smartware programs to the external HD?  I am not a technical person, so assume ignorance and go from their when giving step by step advice, please.