How do I restore a broken sync relation (desktop ◄► My Cloud home duo)

I have synced my desktop ◄► My Cloud home duo for some time now. (2Tb files)
It worked perfectly (after days and days of copying files)

Then I had to break the sync due to software problems.
Everything is fixed now and ik want to restore the sync without copying the files again?
I just want to point WD Sync to the existing folder on the drive…

Is there a way to just restore WD sync between the two existing folders?
Everytime I try that, WD Sync creates a new folder (with a (1) after the name)
and wants to copy all the data again!!!

Hello Biep,

The Sync feature on My Cloud Home is designed in such way that it will start the syncing process from the start.

Disappointing. Very, very disappointing!
“Always Sync” had no problem wit this issue!!