How do I remove shared objects from My network places

Hi, I was checking out the backup function of Smartware.  I opted for the suggested file backup where Smartware picks what it thinks you’ll need.  It copied a whole bunch of stuff that I definitely don’t want to store, along with what I do want.  I’m trying to delete it, but am stuck with a whole string of files because there’s a shared object or two that won’t delete.  I’ve tried Adobe’s tool to remove shared objects but it can’t recognize My network places, it only finds the objects on my c:/ drive.  Any suggestions?

You’re using a NAS? If you copied with smartware then erasing a single file can corrupt the entire backup and you’ll have to start again anyway, so uninstall smartware, delete the backuop and start over.

Using my laptop, no NAS. 

Couldn’t delete Adobe shared objects from mycloud from my laptop. 

But was able to from my phone when I accessed mycloud shares.