How do I Remove hard drive from case?

I’ve seen method of unbricking MBL, but it entails plugging hard drive into a sata port on my PC.

Fine - but how the **bleep** do I get hard drive out of case, without resorting to a hammer?

hmmm… wonder which guide you got. There are two versions, and each one has a link to the other, it also mentions how to remove drive. Look for unbrick guide V1, which V2 has a link to.

Here’s the youtube video another member did which shows the complete disassembly

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I can only comment that by using that video as a guide, and judicious use of credit cards (rather than screwdriver bits), I removed case in about 2-3 minutes without breaking a single tab and a lot faster than video.

However, I wasn’t so fortunate re-attaching the case, as I didn’t pay sufficient attention to the tabs, and some broke on the internals of MBL. There isn’t a lot of internal clearance, and if extreme care isn’t taken they are easily broken.

Nevertheless, using the top rails as a guide, the case simply slides back without real need for the clips, which are basically cosmetic, and an attempt by WD to stop us mere mortals getting in!

If one is worried the case will fall off (IMHO it won’t), a very small dab of solvent will stop it, but not too much, else one will never get back in!:smiley:

hmm wonder if you read the disclaimer on the guides:

Be aware that this will void your warranty and is only to be used as a last resort when you have no dashboard or SSH
I am not responsible for any loss of data as a result of you following this guide