How do I remove cloud devices from the “Cloud Devices” panel in the Dashboard EX2

I have a My Cloud EX2. On the Dashboard there is a panel titled “Cloud Devices”. It indicates that there are 2 cloud devices currently accessing it remotely (according to the User Manual). I have “Cloud Access/Cloud Service” turned off in the Settings page. How can there be 2 cloud devices currently accessing EX2 then? How can I remove/deleted these 2 in the Cloud Devices panel?

All this indicates is you have set up 2 devices that can access the Cloud and NOT that they are currently accessing it. Not to worry.

I have 7 devices set up, but if I see more it means I had to add my phone again for some reason. I only need my phone in there once, so I go into Cloud Access tab and look in admin section and see my phone in there twice. the newest listing is the last one so I delete the one above it in list which is not even functional anymore.

Thanks Mike, that helped a lot. I thought it was actually 2 devices currently accessing…helps to know that it’s just the number of devices that have been set up for access. (would have been nice if the manual was more accurate) I had to turn cloud access back on to gain access to those entries in Cloud Access’s admin section to delete them. That info helped too.

I keep my Cloud Access on all the time, because I often use it via MC app when away from home network.

Your post jinxed me this morning, because My Cloud device was de-authorized on both iPhones and iPads. I had to set them up again and there were 4 additional devices on Cloud Access and I needed to delete the older authorized devices and keep the new oness


I’m moving my Could Access from the EX2 to a PR4100. The EX2 is being relegated to local storage only. I never had to re-authorize on the EX2…hope the PR4100 turns out to be just as reliable.

My device is a DL2100, the model that preceded the PR series.