How do I recreate the PiDrive data partition

I had installed OpenElec and Raspbian on my PiDrive when both distros started giving kernel panics. The BerryBoot partition manager failed to delete any of the installed OSs so I resorted to reformatting the drive on another machine. Now when ever I boot it tells ms that it can’t find the data partition and drops me into the emergency recovery console. There’s not much on the web about this and the instructions here,, seem very out of date and don’t work.

Please could someone tell me how to partition the drive so BerryBoot will work again?


BerryBoot is on the SD card, so you’ll need to recreate that as well. Basically the installation on the card is looking for the data partitions that were on the pidrive but now no longer are since you formatted it and is getting confused.

Rebuilding the SD card from scratch will let you start again.

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Adding to DarrenHill’s note, when rebuilding the SDcard, first reformat it using SDFormatter with resize enabled and full overwrite on. The unzip the Berryboot zip file directly to the root directory of the SDcard. Thanks.

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