How do I play MTS files without having to select them one by one?

I have mts files backed up on my external hard drive. I can play them but after playing one, it goes back to the list after which I have to select the next one.  I have gone through the settings on my WD device but can’t seem to find any joy. Any ideas please?

Have you pressed play instead of enter?

I suppose you’re playing MTS from BDAV folders, aren’t you? In that case you’d better copy all the .mts files to ONE folder…:stuck_out_tongue:

Techflaws, that fixed it. Such a simple thing! Cheers.

Anime_fan, that’s what I do to back up - all the mts files are copied to external hard drives.

Well, I haven’t tried play mts with my Live+ but I have ever played m2ts (from bluray) and it had the same issue- once and once again it stoped playing and I had the remote control in hand all the day… That’s annoying. 

I suppose WD does not handles mts (m2ts) well. Maybe you’d convert the video to other formats (like avi, wmv) or merge the mts files into one. Or wait for a firmware update…

As far as I know, this is because the actual video is scattered all over the disc in many .ts files.

Your best bet, once the disc is decrypted, is to find which playlist contains the main movie, and use TSMuxer to create one file that will play just fine on the WDTV.