How do I now get support?

I first heard about the MBL issues today… I have logged on to find my drive has been wiped. I cannot access the dashboard as the owner password is god knows what now. I tried my set password/ I tried the default (admin), I tried password… nothing. I can’t get in to get the logs and request support.

Years of old stuff just… gone. Photos, CVs, some documents, minor projects. Backups from various laptop moves… Other threads say to access the dashboard for support but I can’t even do that and I am freaking out… Luckily, nothing for work was ever on there. Just personal stuff. Years of personal stuff.

There are many methods for data recovery, but they claim they are going to offer data recovery for those affected.

If you have the time and care about the how did this happen and the like you can head on over to this thread and read the over 1000 posts:

Hope this helps