How do I navigate to program files and programs on PR4100

I’ve got the PR4100. I have some applications installed. I cannot figure out how to navigate to the program directories/file/applications. There must be some settings or permissions I’m overlooking, but after extensive web searching, can’t figure it out. Through either Windows or Mac, I want to navigate to these program directories and files. All I can see are the Public folders. I’ve even been able to get to the root directory, via SSH, but no where else.

Any help, guidance, will be appreciated. I

Try this path


Thanks, but no dice.

Your question is vague… which application directory are you looking for?
I thought you meant this:

I installed the Plex application on my PR4100 via the web interface.
Where to find the application directory and configuration?

In that case you’ll find all you need in /shares/Volume_1/Nas_Prog over SSH.

I finally got there. Thank you. Not all that familiar with SSH, but finally got it.

Again, many thanks.