How do I manually reboot my MyBookLiveDuo?

I just updated the prom on my MyBookLiveDuo (6TB version) and when it got to the end it said ‘Successfully Installed and will now reboot’ It then said ‘Now Rebooting’ and much later said the reboot has timed out. One of the solutions was to manually reboot it. Any idea how I do that? I have unplugged it reconnected the Ethernet cable but it still shows an unblinking yellow light.Thanks in advance for your help!

I left it alone all night and now there is a solid green light but Windows says it is not connected. Any ideas? Thanks.

Connect by ssh and use shutdown -r now. Another way to do it is by UI (it is simpler but slower), connect to mybookliveduo.local -> Utilities -> Reboot

Thank you!!!