How do I make a mirror image as a back up copy of my HDD including the Win 7 on it?

How do I make a mirror image as back up copy of my HDD inclduing Win 7 on it ?

I have an external enclosure with a few hard drives installed and id like to create a back up my PC hard drive into one of them.
Could anyone point to me where to go and read in point blank detail step by step how to:

  1. Make a mirror image backup copy of the pc hard drive including partitions and the OS…
  2. How to set it in such a way that I could save the eventual changes produced in that backed up copy by doing in future just an incremental back up each time (of only what has changed since the previous backup).

I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

I would appreciate any detailed explanation of the procedures.

Thank you kindly.

Maybe this will work  EASEUS Todo Backup Professional It’s free for a limited time.


Giveawayoftheday link is no longer valid. It was only good for that one day.

You can also try for a free backup image of your hard drive.