How do I locate a file that failed during backup?

I have a file that the WD Backup software fails to backup. With regard to Answer ID 18369, I know what the filename is but I don’t know where the file is located. It is no longer needed (old software), but I cannot find the file so I can delete it.

I am running:
Windows 10 v1803
WD Backup v1.9.6731.39035
Backing up to a WD MyPassport with 4TB.

@Normaleyes Where is the file suppose to be, on a WD Device, your computer etc.?

Have you looked at everything that’s listed on the C drive. See example image below. Click on, tap or activate images to enlarge them.

How about the Control Panel under Programs?

If you think it is on your computer have you entered the name in the search box next to Start and looked for it?

@cat0w Thanks for the response. The file exists on the computer. The WD Backup software fails to back it up, so its never been on my WD Device.

I’ve looked in all the usual places and many of the unusual places, but obviously not the right place. Using Windows to search doesn’t always look in every nook and cranny, even if you tell it to.

As Answer ID 18269 illustrates, the WD backup software can tell me the name of the file it can’t backup. It should also be able to tell me the path to that file.

I found the answer to my question.

If you drill down into the “C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Western Digital\WD Backup” folder, you will find with the extension “.backup_errors”. Open this file with Notepad and you’ll be able to decipher the location of the file(s) that WD Backup failed on.