How do I know for sure if my files were backed up?

I use this SWSTOR version 2.4.2 - but I dont know if it ever does anything.

My computer goes “to sleep” when I have not been doing anything for awhile, so even if I schedule a backup every evening, I have no assurance that anything happened.

When I go to the BACKUP menu it always says “backup complete” even after I have been generating new files.

So how do I trigger a new backup right then instead of waiting till later? It doesnt seem to DO anything even when I

try to force a backup of new files.

Is there a log file I can look at so I know for sure what my work got backed up?


You can go to the backup folder and verify that your files are there.

The backup folder is called “WDsmartware.swstor” and it is located in the root of your drive.

There is more than one file with that name.

Which one would I look at?

Why is there more than one file, anyway?