How do I interpret Smartware UI regarding files backed up?

I think I’m having problems with my Smartware backup. It starts backing up and then quits… maybe. First I need to interpret how many files are backed up.

I began my backup on a 2 TB HDD tethered to my 3 GB MyCloud. I reformatted the 2 TB drive to delete all data. After a couple of weeks with the backup starting and stalling, I uninstalled and reinstalled the Smartware software at the recommendation of another contributor to this forum. The backup appeared to go normally, but started with the message zero files backed up, even though the target drive shows categories of files with numbers associated. See the uploaded image.

I got up this morning and the GUI shows the backup stopped. I have pressed the button “enable backup” and the image starts with the message at the target drive zero files backed up. The target drive continues to show data.

I have printed out parts of the User Manual and the page that shows “content gauge colors” shows two shades of gray. The darker gray supposedly indicates “Available, but excluded from backup”. The lighter gray shows “unused or free drive space”. The image for the source drive indicates almost all orange “Not yet backed up or new files”. When I hover over any of the gray I get the balloon indicating nothing is there. I go to windows 10 File Explorer and there does appear to be data on the target drive (388 GB).

My questions are:

  1. Did the backup actually complete? The target drive shows only 300 GB of data (1.8-1.5 TB).
  2. When I restart the backup is it backing up files not previously backed up, or is it overwriting files already backed up?


Please show an image of what is showing on your Home tab. Below is what will show when the backup has completed successfully.

Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

My home image is below. Yes, I’d like to see all that blue and the message “backup accomplished successfully”.

with regard to my several restarts - is SmareWare smart enough to backup only the source HDD files not backed up on the target, or dies it overwrite files already there?


What is showing in blue on your target will not be overwritten but from what is showing it is going to take quite a while for everything to be backed up. Give it time and keep an eye on the gauge at the top.

Once the initial backup is completed then future backups will only include changes that have been made as long as you backup to the same share.

Still having problems interpreting the numbers and the GUI. See the screenshot below.

According to “Properties” in Windows 10 File explorer (the window on the right) the backup drive contains 41,000 files and 75.6 GB. According to Smartware/backup tab 5735 files/92.45 GB have been backed up.

Does the 5735 number indicate the files since the most recent restart (the backup froze and was restarted) and the 92.45 GB indicate the size of the backup? Maybe the reason that the Smartware size of the BU is larger is because much of the previous backups still reside on the backup drive?

Also, the “files not backed up” (226 GB) plus the files backed up (92.45) do not total the 821 GB on the drive to be backed up and I’m finding it hard to reconcile the BU drive info of 300GB (1.8 TB minus 1.5 TB) with any of the numbers.

Confused :confounded:

I did click on some of the files shown in File Manager Volume 6ca and they do appear to be there.