How do i install plex on my 4tb My cloud Personal Cloud storage

I found a tutorial here

but as per that tutorial my cloud doesnt have the add app icon and the http download section is not allowing urls unless its on the box and how do i install on my cloud i i mange to manually download the app ?

could not find anything on the net

is there any way to install kodi instead ?


If you do a search, using the magnifying glass icon upper right, through this subforum you’ll see this issue is well discussed. If you have a single bay My Cloud the official answer is you cannot install Plex. If you note the bottom of the link you posted it lists the products installing the Plex app applies too and the single bay My Cloud is not listed.

Applied Products:
My Cloud EX2
My Cloud EX2100
My Cloud EX4
My Cloud EX2 Ultra
My Cloud EX4100
My Cloud PR2100
My Cloud Mirror
My Cloud DL2100
My Cloud PR4100
My Cloud Mirror (Gen 2)
My Cloud DL4100

Now unofficially there may be ways to install Plex to certain firmware versions of the single bay My Cloud but it is NOT supported by WD and generally the transcoding feature of Plex doesn’t work on most if not all the My Cloud units due to the lower powered processor used by the My Cloud hardware.

There is also a potential way to unofficially hack the v2.x single bay My Cloud to allow for installing certain third party apps that the more expensive My Cloud units support.

You can’t install Plex on the single-bay MyCloud. Plex dont provide an image, and those that have managed to install other images report the MyCloud isn’t up to the job. Do a forum search for Plex; there is plenty of discussion on that topic.

Kodi is a client app, and doesn’t need installing on the MyCloud. It can access the MyCloud either usng the Twonky DLNA media server, or the SMB file server; I use the latter.

Impossible? Ha-ha! Its just marketing! WD MyCloud gen2 have better CPU that in WDMC Mirror (Armada 375 vs 370).
Install my “Workaround (WDCrack)” for enable almost all features and try this package Plex_for_WDMC_Gen2

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this is a good place as any to compliment you on your excellent hacks!! Although I don’t have any use for the hacks at the moment, I’m glad that it is an option for my clouds in the future. Keep up the good work @Fox_exe!!

Well, I’m assuming that users who have reported installing Plex on gen1 MyClouds, but find it not up to the task are genuine, and not WD Marketing sock puppets trying to make us replace the MyCloud devices we’ve already bought with a slightly more capable device, just so we can run Plex.

Oh, and the WD Marketing lizards would have to be in league with the Plex Marketing lizards to suppress the generation of a Plex image for the basic MyCloud. Given that Plex is an entirely separate company (or is it…? bwahahahahaha…), who make money selling Plex licences, you’d think they’d create images for as many compatible platforms as possible; that’s how capitalism works…

See my nom-de-net? Not even I am that paranoid…

Granted, the lack of a facility to install apps on the basic MyCloud IS vertical market differentiation.

One can read Plex’s own information on the limitations of using Plex on an NAS…

One can read the Plex NAS compatibility list here:

Direct link to spreadsheet:

That spreadsheet only lists the following WD drives as supported:
My Cloud Mirror Gen1
My Cloud Mirror Gen2
My Cloud EX2
My Cloud EX2100
My Cloud EX4100
My Cloud DL2100
My Cloud DL4100
My Cloud Pro PR2100
My Cloud Pro PR4100
My Passport Wireless Pro

On six of the ten WD drives listed they state “Transcoding is not supported on ARMv7 only remuxing”.

I’ve got a WDMC 3TB single bay with firmware 2.21.119, exactly like this;

Now is this a gen1 or gen 2?!

v2 firmware = Gen2 hardware.
v3 or v4 firmware = Gen1 hardware

(yeah: we know; go figure…)