How do I install a wireless USB into WD TV so I can access my network?


Recently purchased WDTV with 1TB built in drive.

Unbeknowns to me the stupid thing has no wireless capabilities and in the Land of Oz (Australia) we don’t have ethernet plugs in our lounge room next to our TV aerial.

Unfortunately I can’t run a 10m ethernet cable through my lounge room, dining room and into my kitchen as it’s just not practical.

So, I’ve bought a D-Link nano USB wireless adaptor (DWA-131) which is compatible with this unit, but I have no idea how to install this into the WDTV box.

I’ve plugged it into the USB port on the WDTV box but nothing happens. I’ve installed the software on my laptop which is in my network, but that does nothing but make my wireless laptop doubly wireless (cause it has built in wireless incase you are wondering) I press the button on the USB adapter while it’s plugged into the WDTV box and it does nothing also.

HELP!!! This stupid thing should have built in wireless in this day and age… 

 I’m in the Land of Oz too … but i use a 4 Port Ethernet Powerline Adaptor

for my WDTV Live Hub / PS3 / Smart TV & PC

Easier / Faster / No Setup (Plug&Play) and 100% Compatible