How do I go back to the beginning with a new WD M C? (Install and setup)


I bought a 4TB WD MC a few days ago and plugged it in… installed and set it up from my Mac on a WiFi connection and it all went fantastically. I was really impressed. I then spent a few days transferring files to it (I’m just using it to store files, no streaming) while on local WiFi or with my Mac connected (on the same network) hardwired to my home LAN. No problems at all - 39GB transferred.

And then 2 days ago, I was unable to to see the WDMC if the Mac was on my local network WiFi. It just ‘happened’. I don’t think I did anything to cause this.

All is fine when my Mac is hardwired into my local network.

I’m not interested in ‘remote access’ (connecting to the WDMC from outside of my own network). I didnlt set this up or try it while it was working on my local WiFi.

As it all worked fine for a few days, my plan was to simply start again… restore the WDMC to factory settings… uninstall all the WD s/w… and pretend I’ve just bought it. Doing this I get a “There seems to be a problem… We’ve detected that you may not be able to: Access the device remotely” message right after the scan step in the Setup. 

So, a couple of questions…

 - what could be the cause of this ‘new’ error?

 - why might WiFi just stop working?

 - Is it possible to completely start again?

It may be related (unlikely I guess) but I have a Pi setup as a NAS with a 1TB disk connected… and at the same time as the above issue, I stopped (completely) being able to access it via the wired network (it doen’t have WiFi).

I’m really keen to get this all working :slight_smile:

Thanks, Nik


(Raspberry Pi issue was indeed a red-herring. It sorted itself out so was just a coincidence).

Having done a series of attempts at factory restoring the WD MC and not succeeding without errors (too many to list here) and uninstalling the WD My Cloud app, and then rebooting everything… the WD MC now has a 192.168… IP address rather than a 169.254… one. And, hey presto, the WD MC works on the local WiFi again - the only result I was after.

Obv I’m not getitng outside internet access, but I didn;t want that anyway. 


Just to clarify (because the beginning of your story was a alittle bit like mine): Was it just a network problem or did the HD actually stopped working (red led)?

And you lost all the data previously transfered, I assume.