How do I get the Sling player app

I have a WD TV LIVE HD Media player and I recently purchased a Slingbox.  My WD player is updated with the current version 1.06.42_B

I don’t seem to have the Live TV option on my WD Players menu.  I can’t find the app what am I missing?  Any help is appreciated, thank you.

Ok I went to YouTube and watched someone use the sling box player.

What I don’t have on my WD player is the option that says “All My Apps”.  I guess a better question would be is how do I get that.

If you are referring to the online services you can find them under Services.

There are some users that use the regular remote controller but others used the WD Remote app which is more convenient and has a couple extra features that will come handy.

You can see it on the link bellow:

Thank you for the reply.  I downloaded the app but the same issue persists.  I only have access to the 10 original apps that I’ve always had on the player(called services on the remote app).

I am unable to aquire any additional apps.  

It may be important to note that I have a earlier generation of the WD HD Live Player(Prob 2 years old)  However, I figured it wouldn’t be a issue due the update capabilities.

Maybe I just need to get the current gen player?

There are no options to download additional apps.

The services are added when the drive gets a firmware update.

Most likely the apps you see are the ones you are entitled to use on that particular media player.