How do I get the Metadata/Thumbs/Etc. to download?

I know similar questions have been asked, and I have searched, but I just can’t figure it out.

I have 5 WDTV Live+ and one WDTV Live SMP throughout  my home connected to my network (hardwired CAT6 gigabit) and they all play movies etc. fairly well (well DTS HD Master is a BIG issue), but I have tried everything I can think of to get the thumbnails and metadata to show up and it’s not working. All movies, music, etc are stored on one server and set as network shares.

At one point, a few pieces of metadata and cover art must have been downloaded (only 5 or 6 movies out of hundreds of movies) and nothing else ever downloaded.

The WDTV Live SMP sees and plays the movies fine (occasionally has issues with really big (30-40GB) BluRays), but never seems to download the metadata, etc.

I’m not looking to run any custom firmware, unless necessary, and I would like to keep it as simple as possible.

Am I missing something? Is there a way I can force it to start downloading the data?



  1.  You need to be running FW version 1.04.12 on your SMP.

  2.  You need to allow the WD WRITE ACCESS to your shares 

  3.  You need to set MEDIA LIBRARY to ON on the SMP.

  4.  You need to set CONTENT INFO COLLECTION to AUTO on the SMP.

  5.  You need to name your files so that they can be searched by the SMP in the correct database.

Finally, the Live+ won’t have anything to do with it.  They don’t fetch or display any of the metadata.

I understand that the Live+s don’t download the thumbs, etc., I just wanted to establish that they were working properly on the network.

The SMP has firmware 1.04.12 and those are the settings I had, but I ended up unplugging the power and eventually it started to get the data for most of the files.

There are a few that refuse to populate, no matter what. I have actually cut and paste the title from IMDB for all my movie files and it still won’t get the data. I realize the SMP is pulling data from TMDB, but the naming convention is the same.

Is there something I can do to force it to get the data for specific movies? Is there a way I can specify IMDB instead of TMDB, which is currently the only option?



14U2NV wrote:


Is there something I can do to force it to get the data for specific movies? Is there a way I can specify IMDB instead of TMDB, which is currently the only option?




Chances are, it’s finding MULTIPLE matches for your title.   If that’s the case, you can do “GET CONTENT INFO” from the options menu, and it will present you with a list of choices.

How many sources of compatible metadata are there in use…??

(I mean how do you know what the correct syntax point 5) is unless you know what database you’re pulling from…)

I think from an earler post the naming convention looked likes XBMC but was this the case for all media…well this

would only be for movies,TV shows,music… as per the ongoing Mojo thread…??

Thanks Tony, Ill give that a try!



I must’ve been posting the same time you were, so I didn’t see your post until after my last post.

Not sure if you were directing your questions at Tony or me, but there are several sources for the metadata, but only one available as default on the SMP. I’d like to know how to change it to IMDB.



Thanks… anyone who can help…

My question was primarily  for music… I get a lot of missing metadata,mostly from multiple matches.

I don’t really have the time or inclination to start renaming hundreds/thousands(?) of  MP3 files… can’t remember…


I hear ya…I’m in the same boat.

Right now, I’m trying to get all my movies sorted out, but I’ve got thousands of albums/songs to deal with and I have to come up with a much more streamlined method to do this before I tackle the music.

To be honest with you, I may be wasting my time at this point because I want (need ;)  ) DTS HD Master to work and it doesn’t look like WD has any plans on implementing a solution. This appears to be an easy fix, just let the data pass through like all the other manufacturers of media players are doing. DTS HD MA is now the standard HD audio format for Blu-Ray and, in my opinion, an absolute requirement for an HD media player.

It’s a shame, I have six WDTVs hooked up in my house right now and I’ve given away a few of the older models to friends,  and I probably have a few more floating around somewhere,  but the more I think about it, I require DTS HD MA in my home theater. I don’t need the HD audio in the bedrooms, so the Live+ or SMP will do there.

Excuse the rant, this DTS HD thing is getting me frustrated…LOL



I figured that I was supposed to hit the option button on the remote control while the movie is highlighted in “Movies”, but the option is not there.

I looked everywhere I could think of for the  “GET CONTENT INFO” option, but I just can’t find it.

Could you tell me how to get to it?



I read somewhere  the problem with DTS is not technical…its a licensing issues.

So not really a f/w issue although I may be wrong…others may no better than me…

(this may have been from someone at  WDTV marketing/tcechsupport…)

see  here rerading DTS licensing

It should be there…

If you have a  media item selected…just press the options button… ’ get content info is the first choice"…

When I select a movie, then press the “Options” button on the remote, the options shown are “Move”, “Copy”, “Delete”, “Upload to FaceBook” and “Select Multiple”.

If I select a folder that a movie is in, then press the “Options” button on the remote, the options shown are “Move”, “Copy”, “Delete” and “Select Multiple”.

Could this have something to do with the 1.04.12 Firmware? Do you have 1.04.12 installed?

I feel like I’ve been going in circles for hours…

That sounds like your Media Library is not turned on.  Press SETUP on the remote, then navigate to System and select Media Library.  Turn it ON.

Give it time to build and populate.  You should see messages on the top of your screen.

You must have MEDIA LIBRARY turned on, and it must COMPLETE.

If you have CONTENT COLLECTION set to AUTO, you must wait for IT to complete.