How do I get old WD2go accounts deleted?


I have had so many problems with WD2 go accounts during initial setup - problems with accounts asking for passwords I hadn’t even created yet, passwords that would never work and couldn’t be reset (the screen says the request has expired - just seconds after it was requested !), that I decided the best wasy forward was to remove all the WD2go accounts and start afresh.

However, although I’ve deleted them from the Control Panel and even disabled Remote Access - WD2go still has them saved on their server.

Because when I re-enabled remote access and set up the accounts again with those email address, there is no prompt to setup a password - which is what I need.

How do I start from scratch if WD still have old data on file I’ve asked them to wipe - but it’s still there ?

I do hope you can help, because I’m at the end of my tether now …



Ok, I’m confused.  Are you saying you’re able to log into the WD 2go website with NO password?

Or are you saying you can connect to your shares with no password?

There are TWO sets of passwords involved.   The "" website password, and the device password to which you’re connecting.

I have deleted my WD2go accounts from my Control Panel - it confirms they are deleted. I have even taken off “Remote Access” in the hope of ensuring this.

However, when I go to re-enable “Remote Access” and setup WD2go accounts for these individuals (using the same email addresses), it accepts my request and sends an email.

However, it seems to have remembered that they used to have an account WHICH I DELETED MYSELF and sends them - not the new user email asking them to choose a new password … but the existing user email asking them to type in their existing password, which they don’t have !!

This is what leads to my question about whether old WD2go accounts are being stored somewhere and need to be deleted so that I can proceed ?

I have removed all the WD2go accounts I had before … because I could not get any of the passwords I chose to work on the website - and every time I attempted to re-set them, I received the link, reset the password, and then received a message saying the link had expired.  WD could give me no explanation for this behaviour.